Q&A with Andre Ndabarasa, transport supervisor

After 11 years at IMB, do you have any anecdotes to share with us?
I have a story that is so unbelievable; you can never imagine that I have been in this same situation two different times! I have had to deliver two babies, in the back of a PIH vehicle, without a doctor or nurse – two times!

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IMB Stories
Alice Uwingabiye: IMB, My University

June 2006... That’s when I heard about Partners In Health for the first time. In 2006, I was working in a local NGO called “AFCF GIRIBANGA” which was supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. We were based in Gikondo-Kigali. At that time, we were supporting more than 100 people but every month we were losing about 3 of them. We started asking ourselves where those people were leaving for. Unexpectedly, in June, I met one of them in Kigali town (Main Taxi Parking) and asked him where he left us for. “I found a better organization called Patanazi in Rwinkwavu, they treat HIV Patients. That’s where I live and if all goes well, I will take my family there” he said. He started giving me names of other patients that we had lost who were also living in Rwinkwavu. I couldn’t tell that “Patanazi” was Partners In Health.

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