We are a team of individuals passionate about global health equity working to build a comprehensive health care model that works for everyone, especially the poor and vulnerable.  

Executive Committee


Dr. Joel Mubiligi
Executive Director

Dr. Mubiligi joined IMB in 2011, coming from King Faisal Hospital to serve as District Clinical Director in Burera District. In 2014, he stepped away from IMB to work for the Rwandan Ministry of Health for a year and a half, as Medical Advisor to the Human Resources for Health Program. He then returned to take on positions of increasing responsibility in IMB’s clinical management, where he became successively; the Director of Clinical programs, the Deputy Chief medical officer in charge of primary health care, and the Chief Medical Officer.  
In each of his roles, Dr. Mubiligi has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving the most needy and vulnerable, and a clear insight into how we can best meet the needs of these  people and patients and their communities.  He has hands-on experience implementing our programs across our districts in support of the government of Rwanda.  He is considered as a deeply thoughtful leader, a passionate clinician and a man of high integrity and humility who works collaboratively with IMB staff and our partners in Rwanda and beyond.
Trained at the National University of Rwanda as a medical doctor with a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from the London School of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine, Dr. Mubiligi is an Adjunct Faculty member and a member of the board of directors of the University of Global Health Equity.
In addition to his work and his studies, Dr. Mubiligi has invested time in voluntary community service outside of IMB, co-founding and serving as Vice President of the Christian Medical and Dental Organisation, which provides free clinical outreach at remote rural health centers. 

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Antoinette Habinshuti
Deputy Executive Director

Antoinette (Toni) Habinshuti returned to Rwanda after several years in the United States to serve as managing director for PIH/IMB. Her prior experience includes serving as the Africa Partnerships Manager for a Washington DC-based international advocacy organization, Institute for Inclusive Security, as well as Women Thrive Worldwide. Both organizations shape U.S. policy to help rural communities in developing countries lift themselves and their families out of poverty. During her tenure with Inclusive Security, Ms. Habinshuti focused on enhancing women's political participation and conflict resolution in Liberia; coordinating the Women Waging Peace Network; and collaborating with women organizations in Sudan, Liberia, Congo, and Haiti to ensure their voices were heard. She worked in Rwanda for a USAID-funded project supporting the Rwanda Parliament both during the country's transition period and in 2003, which was subsequent to the first election in Rwanda in which women won nearly half the legislature seats in the House of Representatives. Ms. Habinshuti has worked as an agriculture analyst at the Clinton Foundation in Malawi under the Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative and is an active board member for Orphans of Rwanda Inc. Ms. Habinshuti holds a master's degree in public administration from the University of Vermont and a bachelor's degree in business management and administration from Rwanda.


Gilbert Rwigema
Chief Operations Officer

Prior to being appointed Chief Operating Officer, Gilbert Rwigema served PIH as a District Program Director of Burera District. Mr. Rwigema holds an MBA and has had a quite extensive experience of more than 21 years in leading development programs, working with International NGOs including World Vision International and SPARK Amsterdam. The current COO role oversees districts as implementation sites, and all non-clinical programs of PIH-IMB , including social and economic programs, health infrastructure and support functions like logistics, transport  and administration. He is in charge of establishing, implementing and evaluating all necessary systems to supports the delivery of PIH clinical programs. 


Dr. Fredrick Kateera
Chief Medical Officer

Epidemiologist/Immunologist and a Malaria scholar. His training as an Epidemiologist and molecular Immunologist provides him with a breadth of medical knowledge and research skills to bring rigor, scientific innovation and breadth to develop especially community based relevant and comprehensive research in the areas of control of infectious diseases: Malaria, helminths, HIV and Hepatitis. Dr. Kateera has over 10 years experience in clinical care, research implementation, and program management, with a focus in East Africa including working as a clinician at a leading Pediatric Infectious Disease clinic for over four years, managing a district-level Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV program for 18 months, and working as a clinician providing medical and surgical care at a rural hospital. He completed his PhD training in 2016 where he conducted and has published studies in community level determinants of malaria control in a rural Rwandan setting. As a Fogarty Global Health fellow, he conducted in research in malaria parasite diversity and drug resistance profiles.  Prior to being appointed Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kateera was the Head of Research at PIH/IMB


Dr. Christian Rusangwa
Deputy Chief Medical Officer in charge of chronic care

Christian Rusangwa, MD is a trained physician with passion for global health working for Partners In Health as a Deputy Chief Medical Officer in charge of Health System Strengthening, and finishing a Master’s of Science in Clinical Research at the University of Liverpool. For the past 10 years he has been involved in several public health endeavors from the community level as a grassroots activist volunteering for Rwanda Village Concept Project in 2005, then worked as an intern and later on as attending physician at Kirehe and Butaro hospital between 2010 and 2012 respectively. In 2011 He got involved with the Clinton Health Access Initiative on study looking at the unit cost of providing ARVs in Rwanda. In Mid to late 2012, He served as a camp physician in a Congolese refugee camp hosting about 14,000 refugees. Where He had the task of leading the provision of care for refugees and ensure adequate referrals are in place.  He is interested in implementation science and get involved in community service as a volunteer in his spare time.


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Dr. Evrard Nahimana
Deputy Chief Medical Officer in charge of Health System Strengthening

Dr. Evrard Nahimana is a medical doctor from Rwanda with over 9 years of healthcare delivery and operational research experience. 
He currently serves PIH/IMB as Deputy Chief Medical Officer in charge of Health System Strengthening. Prior experience with PIH/IMB includes as District Clinical Director for Kirehe district, deputy Director for Pediatric program, then Director of Women Health program. In these roles, Dr. Nahimana contributed to design and implement ambitious and innovative initiatives all related to improve the quality of maternal, newborn and child care. These include “All Babies Count” (ABC), Initiative designed to eliminate preventable neonatal deaths through health system strengthening in 2 rural districts and “Race to the Top” initiative(RTT), a new district-based approach to performance based incentives. 
Dr. Nahimana  acts as a PIH/IMB liaison to varying levels of government in Rwanda and key partners. He also serves as investigator on several research projects focused on bringing innovative approaches to the reduction of neonatal mortality including the development of a low cost, non-electric infant warmer. Dr. Nahimana holds a master’s degree in Medical Sciences and Global Health Delivery from Harvard medical School. 


Alice Uwingabiye
Chief Human Resources Officer

Alice Uwingabiye joined PIH/IMB in 2006 when PIH/IMB was expanding its activities in Kirehe District. She occupied different positions. From the Administrative Assistant to Deputy Program Manager and then District Program Director where she was a PIH representative in Kirehe, overseeing and coordinating all PIH activities also ensuring the partnership and collaboration between PIH and local government in Kirehe District.

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Brian Kasigazi
Grants Director

Brian Kasigazi joined PIH/IMB in July 2017 as Grants and Resource Mobilization Director. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Finance) and a Master of Business Administration degree (Finance). He is a Grants Management Specialist with 18 years of practical work experience in resource mobilization, grants and contracts management and business management. His previous work engagements have been with Infectious Diseases Institute (Uganda) and Makerere University Business School (Uganda) where he worked as a Senior Grants and Contracts Manager and Finance Lecturer respectively.


Nadine Karema
Head of Informatics

Nadine joined PIH/IMB in November 2013 as Health Information Systems Implementation Manager. In that role, Nadine managed and supported the implementation of new Electronic Medical Record functionalities while improving use of the system and use of data by all stakeholders. In September 2015, she moved up to the Health Information System Director position, overseeing the expansion of EMR implementation and collaborating with IMB programs on strengthening EMR with the aim of efficiently supporting IMB processes and Monitoring and Evaluation. As interim M&E Director, Ndine worked with the goal of revamping M&E processes towards data-driven decision-making and an evaluation framework that facilitates in-depth review of IMB current and future impact, as outlined in our strategic plan. Nadine represents the organization at the Ministry of Health eHealth Technical Work Group, providing technical support, review, and advice to the MOH regarding national decisions and vision of eHealth applications, including the Rwanda national EMR. Nadine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Technology and an MBA on International Business and Organizational Leadership. Prior to joining PIH/IMB, Nadine worked 9 years for the University of California-San Diego as a Project Manager, Health Care Data Analyst, Computer Resource Specialist, and IT Supervisor. Nadine has also taught Computer Programming and Business classes in San Diego career colleges.


Maryleen Munyangabo
Senior Director Procurement

Maryleen Yvette Munyangabo is a revenue management and supply chain/procurement professional with an extensive experience in complex settings including international organizations; Humanitarian programs and the Government of Rwanda; with in-depth knowledge of US Government funded organizations USAID and CDC procurement and compliances policies. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business management from Rwanda and a Degree of expertise in taxation systems and revenue management from the school of customs and excises management, Casablanca - Morocco. She has over 12 years’ wide ranging experience in handling international operations including clinical and non-clinical supply chain and procurement  operations, customs operations; as well as risk prevention and management. Prior joining Partners In Health; she has occupied several strategic positions in Rwanda Revenue Authority where she also acted as a permanent trainer for Customs auditors during 6 years. In 2006; Maryleen joined ICAP; Mailman School of Public health - Columbia University; where she was handling procurement processes and contract management operations for medical; broad commodities and services  until 2012. In 2013; she has worked with Family Health Initiative 360 Rwanda Program where she served as Principal consultant for HCSSP project close out operations.


Daniel Siborurema
Chief Finance Officer

Dr. Akiiki Bitalabeho
Head of Medical Education and Training

Dr. Florence Akiiki Bitalabeho, is proud and privileged to lead a dynamic team with diverse technical skills that aims at strategically optimizing the work of PIH/IMB into trainings and information transfer that builds the capacity of health workers in pre-service and in-service training. She has had over thirty years’ experience practicing and teaching medicine in the Africa region and internationally; culminating in developing training and supporting training in HIV/AIDS management based with WHO in Geneva for 8 years. On the pre-service front, the team works closely with the University of Rwanda in the innovative health education that trains the next generation of health care providers to be responsive to the health needs of the Rwandan community, providing quality health care and striving for health equity and social justice. On the In-service side, the team collaborates with IMB programs, both clinical and non-clinical to develop high impact capacity building strategies, systems, processes and tools. 


Dr. Christian Mazimpaka
Ag. Kayonza District Clinical Director

Edward Shyaka
Kayonza District Projects Director

Edward Shyaka oversees and manages all IMB operations within Kayonza District.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Project Planning and Management.  He has over 10 years working experience in community development and project management. Prior to joining IMB he held the positions of Administrative officer, Community Learning & Capacity Building Officer, Community Development Coordinator and Area Development Program Manager.


Dr. Egide Mpanumusingo
Burera District Clinical Director

Dr. Egide has been working at Butaro Hospital for six years as an attending physician at the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence with special focus on gynecology cancers, cervical, and breast related malignances. For two years he led the clinical activities at the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence whereby he coordinated patients and workflow to allow better quality patient care. He worked to adapt the center to accommodate the growth in patients from 59 patients in 2012 to more than 3500 in 2014. As a national trainer in Cancer, NCDs, and HIV/TB he supported the MOH in task shifting and decentralizing NCDs service delivery. As of 2013, he is an International Fellow in Palliative Medicine at Ohio Health. Dr. Edige was appointed master trainer in Palliative care by MOH and is one of the pioneers of the program of Home Based Care Practitioner. Dr. Egide proudly states his great strength is his empathy; treating each patient as a close friend. 

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Godfrey Mugabo
Burera District Projects Director

Godfrey Mugabo joined PIH/IMB in October 2017. He has a vast experience in leading programs within public and humanitarian industry. Before joining PIH/IMB, Godfrey was the National Coordinator of National scale up of Isange one stop center joint Program with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, during 3 years. The program aims at preventing and responding to Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Child Abuse in partnership with Rwanda National Police, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice. Prior to this role, he served for 8 years with World Vision International in different capacities including Area development program manager, DM&E specialist and Community Development Coordinator. His experience encompasses leadership, program management, grant writing, community development programs design, Monitoring and Evaluation, and coordinating stakeholders at National and District levels.   Godfrey studied Agricultural Engineering at bachelor’s degree and Development Studies at Master’s Degree.


Daniella K. Kayitesi
Kirehe District Projects Director

Daniella joined IMB in 2014 as the Project Specialist to coordinate national and local stakeholders in construction, equipment distribution and staffing of 36 health posts across 15 districts in joint effort with the Ministry of Health to ramp up efforts to expand rural health care access at the community level. Upon a successful delivery of the project she was appointed to manage another project with the objective to reduce maternal and child death in the 3 districts of IMB implementation. Her experience from previous roles occupied includes working with the government and several NGOs in the areas of social and community development, health system strengthening and Human Resources for Health. Currently Daniella serves as the PIH representative in Kirehe District, providing managerial leadership to the program and coordinating all activities in collaboration with the local government. 


Dr. Jean De Dieu Gatete
Kirehe District Clinical Director


Pierre Niyigena
Community Health Director/Staff representative


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