Accompanying a progressive government, strengthening health systems, driving innovation, and achieving scale.



What We Do


We implement, evaluate, and scale innovative approaches to care across a wide range of clinical and social support programs. 


We train practicing health professionals in Rwanda and educate the next generation of global health delivery experts. 


We conduct and disseminate research to improve health care delivery and advocate for evidence-based policy change with local and global impact.

Where We Work

We support the Ministry of Health in three rural districts of Rwanda. We work to strengthen the health systems in Southern Kayonza, Kirehe, and Burera at the level of the district hospital, the health center, and the community. We currently support three district hospitals, 40 health centers, and serve over 900,000 people. In these districts we are driving innovation for health care delivery by implementing and evaluating new programs and technologies. We work in partnership with the Government of Rwanda to design, develop and scale evidence-based programs and strategies to raise the health standards across Rwanda. 


Who We Are


Our Vision

We envision thriving communities of healthy, happy and productive people, where social justice and universal quality health services are available to all.

Our Story

Partners In Health is an international non profit organization founded in 1987 that helps build and sustain public health systems in poor and underserved communities around the world. Inshuti Mu Buzima is PIH's sister organization which has been operating in Rwanda since 2005.

"The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world."
-Dr. Paul Farmer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist


"Health and well-being are not merely defined by the absence of disease but by the ability of individuals to grow and blossom into their full potential."
-Dr. Alex Coutinho, Executive Director

Our Partners

The Government of Rwanda is our core partner in all the work that we do.